Thursday, August 13, 2009

GO GO GO - Are we killing our precious time?

Chat, Games, Movies, Music, SMS, Useless browsing, comments, newspapers and all that… Aren’t we wasting our time? na na.. don’t think I am saying to those who are using Internet and related stuff for some useful purposes.

Lets take it seriously. As surfing and reading is the part of my work, I have seen lot of research, education, thought provoking, creative and lot more stuff on the internet from every part of the world. But when it comes to Pakistan, I don’t think we are participating in all this in any mean. I found many groups researching on community development and done lot of work on it. Its my personal view that our youth is not finding the starting point of WHATS and HOWS.

I should share some disciplines to work on :

1. Edge of usage of Information Technology (Defence, Education, Medical and Economy)

2. Finding more business markets for Pakistani Businesses.

3. Support those who want to learn but don’t have resources.

4. Collecting talent on a place where they can find opportunities.

5. Above all, Be a good Countryman and let the others be by doing act like this.

6. Gathering and forwarding information to those who don’t have access to it.

Let me summarize it. Using Technology from Agriculture to Defence and deliver best opportunities to those who are in contact with each of us. It won’t cost much, definitely if you will convince them the benefits, the cost will also bother by them. Secondly, as everybody is finding the markets and make contacts in GLOBAL VILLAGE, we should also promote the Pakistan overall to let the businessmen of Pakistan grow more. By helping those who are keen about learning and don’t have resources as well as funds, each of us can give at least 3 hours in a week to the group of 5 free of cost. Community development is the most important need in our country as everybody is living their individual life. So lets start to explore the ethical examples from all over the world. And the very least work we can do is forwarding useful information about concerned disciplines to concerned people.

Above all, we are working in different little groups and organizations but not connected each other. Nobody knows nobody. Attach everybody with the concerned people we know to make a better network. It removes the time wasting activities of duplicate jobs done by two groups in same way.

I hope I might brief my point of view in that. For queries you can contact me on