Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Big Mistake of Mine !

Can you help me to solve a problem? Well, all of you are having more experiences from daily life. Where is the problem between the conflicts? Where two brothers, cousins, friends, buyer and seller, teacher and student, colleagues and off course BOSS and employee having sincerity issues. Let me share you an example:

Friends from last 20 years and a time comes when they are approaching a third person to resolve an issue. Why? Because they blame each others like "You had started that. I did this, this and that for you and you didn't do when I need this." Is this an Issue? They spent a long life with each other so what happened after this long period? Simply there is a flaw in SINCERITY. In my opinion sincerity is a emotion that creates in circumstances. Nowadays when I will pass on the street where a residence of a friend of mine.. I'll knock and say "Yaar kaisa hay? socha buhut din hogaey tujh say mulaqaat nahi hui to aaj chal kar mil hi loon? (Hi Buddy, How you doin? It’s been a long to see you so I thought I should visit you). Nowadays we are completely busy in ourselves and even many of us don't have time to even call to friend for "HI HELLO". (Regret, I am also included in this category.) So how can we find essence of selflessness?

There is fashion to be rude to everybody without any reason and we name it ATTITUDE. Hah, so can we examine ourselves, for what reason we possess that much ATTITUDE? Na Na.. Being in line, whenever I listen " PAKISTAN MAIN KIA RAKHA HAY?" (What’s left in Pakistan), there are three feelings simultaneously comes inside me. Embarrassment, Disappointment and Anger.
I had listened that society is based on people, Home depends on Residents and Relationship depends on love. So if we still don’t know to love a friend than there is a lot of distance where we reach social values as well as patriotism.

Actions speaks louder than words. Yeah, Off course, I can bet that If we’ll make only 10 calls to our nearest ones, without any object, just to say HI, It will be great change in our daily life. And definitely we’ll find many reasons to smile and many opportunities to Motivate, Condolence, Console or at least listen somebody for a moment. We have just placed the hat of nothing on our heads. I have never seen somebody who have been a Boss, Senior, Experienced or Tycoon by their ATTITUDE. So we should be in touch with everybody practically as we are interacting with many unknowns on Internet and showing them our great feelings about them J. Be in touch doesn’t mean to forward an interesting email, comments on the posts and pics or be active on social networking website. It’s all about to let someone feel that you are near to him/her. (This is not about Boy Friend / Girl Friend. It’s a different debate topic. Some other time).

Many people around you want to listen from you and they are awaiting your call. You can imagine the happiness when you call your friend, siblings, parents, Boss or other direct relations.

Well I might be wrong in that. So correct me if so. Written what I thought. Here I would like to add a quote in the end.