Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Innocent People. Why Innocent?

It is a common experience that we say somebody “An Innocent” who has faced some kind of vindictiveness from anybody. I thought on this a little and suddenly I got a little hierarchy in my mind that why things goes hard to somebody, I might be wrong but following are some examples to share and comment by you:

  1. Why everybody easily hit and tease a goat not lion? Because they afraid of reaction from lion that is harmful and not expect that harmful reaction from goat.
  2. A person goes to buy a new mobile phone connection from a shop and activate it via Customer Service department of that company. We have listen very polite voice “Assalam o Alaikum, Thanks for Calling XXX This is XXX how may I help you?” Suddenly we make a soft and gentle image of the company and its dealings. Once we activate the connection and get caught by the vendor then original responses takes place. Like:
    1. Customer : I dropped my balance by Rs.40/- without calling or text anywhere, why?
    2. Agent : Sir, Sorry for Inconvenience, You Complaint has been lodged and it take 48 hours to work on it
    3. Customer : 48 Hours?!! Deduction of money, switching package, calculations of call time and text takes a second and response on complaint takes 48 hours?!!
    4. Agent : Sir, It’s a process.
    5. Customer : (Angrily) what does it means? Can’t you tell me anything by seeing my log?
    6. Agent: Sorry for Inconvenience, Regret that you are facing problems but I can only lodge your complaint.
    7. Customer : (Angrily end the call)

This is the limit of the reaction of our Consumer or Common Man. And you can imagine by placing MNA, MPA, Grade 20 Bureaucrat, Defence Officer of Major & + Grade and same at the place of Customer above and imagine the response. You can see the difference by yourself.

Once I got invitation (As a Consultant) of seminar where top profile (Govt.) gentry were expected inside the hall. I have a friend with me who is on the officer post in Pakistan Army to experience the business speeches and presentations. When we reached at the main gate and tried to get inside, a gatekeeper stopped us and said “This is for VIPs you have to go by another gate that is behind.” (That was on the walk of almost 500 meters if we go all the way round.) I requested him to please let us in and check us properly because it is senseless to walk all the way there. But he didn’t agree to let us in. I decided to walk and move toward another gate but my friend stopped me and asked him (In typical FOJI style) to call his incharge. I tried to settle this mess and leave it but he didn’t want to. Suddenly the Incharge came and shouted. “O Bhai, Samajh main nahi aaraha ye VIPs kay liay hay. Peechay say jana hay to jao warna yehi kharay raho” (Hey You, Don’t you understand that this is for VIPs only. Go from another gate otherwise stay here.). I don’t wanted to make the scene there but my friend said him to come close and shouted “O konsay VIP jatay hain yahan say, aur hum koi achoot fakir hay, Invitation mila hay to aaey hain, Invitation par kiun nahi likha kay awam alag darwazay say jaey gi. Kia lag rahay hain tujhay shakal say?” (Which kind of VIPs passes from this gate? Are we seems some kind of untouchable to you? We are invited and you should write on invitation that Common Man should use another gate. What are we seems to you by face?) Suddenly he said “Ok Sir, come in?”  And when we passed the gate he tells Incharge about himself and Incharge saluted him.

These two are the very common cases of response on something wrong. We sometime even don’t ask the reason of high price when we are at some sophisticated surrounding. We make a rule by ourselves that “It looks cheap”.  So if anybody won’t response rightly on anything wrong or prejudice, it will happen again and again more hardly.  Being silent on something that is not true itself a prejudice.

We usually write and discuss senseless statements of politicians and movies, if we’ll practice to create awareness about the bias happened to common man, it will automatically create a change within days. As we recommend some restaurant by listening something from anybody’s mouth or say somebody good or bad by just reading in newspapers or “As seen on TV”.

Community development is one of the major necessities in current circumstance to let the people understand their values and value to their responses and comments. Otherwise everybody will come one by one and do whatever he want to do with us.