Monday, March 21, 2011

Gather and Direct the Fire ;

I would like to share a happening while driving towards home last night. I stopped between the road where I had seen the group of people trying to resolve the fight between two persons. (It’s a routine in Karachi). I parked car aside and move in there. (You can say it is my habit to be a part to resolve wrestling on the road. I hurt many times by getting punch or kick from one of the party. J ). When I reached at those who are fighting I listen the issue from one of them who was saying..

“ Kill me I am already fed up from this life. Shoot me or lay me under some bus. This person was behind me and giving me horn to leave the way for him, how can I?, he was seeing that there is a Bus and a truck in front of me and I don’t have way for myself. And when they ALLOW me go by giving a 3 feet space. I rushed to move ahead from both of them. Suddenly this person overtake me and hit my bike and when I say him “BHAI DEKH TO LAY” (Brother, Just see others.) then he stopped his bike and abuse me. When I stopped he abused me and say me that. YEHI MAAR KAR DABA DOON GA. (I’ll kill and burry you right here). Then I said why are you abusing me, I did not abused you. Then he started wrestling and saying me that I am SO and SO, and you don’t know me.”

Everybody there seems impressed by that second person who looks like some Policeman or from some political party and was openly threatening everybody there. “If anybody wants to be hero than come forward, I’ll see everybody within 10 minutes”

What a damn style? That first person was little hurt and I was seeing scratches on his face. I just said that person. “Leave it; Come with me so we can dress up your wounds. I know we are moving towards the JIS KI LAATHI US KI BHENS situation. So keep quite.” When I stir that second person for the moment and just said him “Dude, everybody is a human being and nobody is greater than Allah. So don do any deed which you can’t justify in front of Allah.” He replied. “O MOLVI SAAB. APNA KAAM KARO. SAB PATA HAY HUMAIN” I silently pick that person and take him on a footpath to make him relax. But suddenly a person came forward and shouted to second person. “Hey you. Who are you and what can you do show me, I am here. Come on do it. Then I’ll introduce myself. Come on show me what you can do. Are you some kind of gangster or general show me your power. He is weak so you had beaten him and shouting in front of everybody. Come on and say him SORRY.” As he said this sentence with typical GUNDA style, more 5 6 people came forward and second him. Situation was changed and now I can easily see the fear in the eyes of that Second person. He was feeling pressure and after these 5 6 people there are around 20 people to second them. Everybody circled him and was ready to beat him in the reaction. Gosh, I seen the JAAH o JALAAL of that person went phusssss.

Well finally he said SORRY in front of everybody and people insulted him a lot and he gone silently.
What I learned? There is a fire under everybody to fight against bad nowadays, somebody speaks, somebody fight, somebody threat and somebody writes. All we have to do is gather this fire in a proper form to develop our community and our countrymen. When somebody is doing wrong and nobody even tell him a single sentence, a confidence boosts inside him. He’ll do more worst. And if somebody even speaks a sentence, the fire will be out from all LISTENERS. If we create competition between our generation to achieve global righteous targets in education, careers, business and social service, we have a lot of energy and fire. And this fire can mover ourselves towards prosperity and respect instead of asking AID and SUPPORT. We can make us strong and strong. We just need to gather the scattered fire and energy and direct it towards the right way.