Sunday, September 18, 2011

Business and Journalism

What motivate me to write these lines? I had seen a documentary by some TV channel. They are visiting in some poor population and show their lifestyle, their troubles, problems and all that. These kind of reports and documentaries are very common in TV channels. Off course, at one side these kind of findings and deliver it to public is a good job to know how they are facing problems and what are the lifestyle of them.

On the other hand, in my opinion, i thought it seems useless until a research journalist take it as a project. Because we see many things on TV like Injustice, Cruelty, Corruption, Lies, Cheating, Frauds and multiple problems. The objective should be to take it to the remedy. If you find a school that is being a hub of drug addicts, or a hospital where concerned people are careless and not doing their duties promptly, you should highlight it daily until a proper action is taken against them by authorities or residents.

We are just loading our archives with these kind of reports but how many action have been taken on them? and the area or organisation you visit goes in a mannered whey it should be?

It seems that it is an effort of making your airtime expensive, taking commercials and WAH WAH (appreciation)  from colleagues and friends. If you are working for a cause then a single change would be your life time achievement and if it couldn't be in this world, definitely you'll take reward in AAKHIRAT (afterlife).

Yes, we all knows there is lot of issues and problems, but if we have access to those, and we have a powerful background (MEDIA) so we can work on that in full throttle. We can visit there and take views, we can make this stick on our channel not only for airtime selling and commercials but as a project as well. As we have seen so many things that sticks on the media on regular basis, have had their rights or proper treatment on the issue.

We all knows, OUT OF SIGHT - OUT OF MIND, so I myself forgot many things after seeing and making a little voice in front of TV like CHU CHU or Oh my Gosh. So if we are anchor, producer, director or a script writer, we should keep in mind that if we are really serious about the issue we are shooting and documenting, we have to give it a continuous part daily. As an update, we should hammer an issue that there is no activity, there is no reaction and all that.

At last I would like to draw the attention towards the Advertisement that how a brand force minds to purchase the product or even test it as everybody see it 10s of time daily and same thing, same jingle and same models. So what will happen if our documentaries and research report updated daily to public about the idleness or activity of the concerned authorities or residents on the issue we draw in media.