Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mobile - Badtameezi....Distances

Cellphones are nowadays being very strong medium of communication. It saves time, movement and decision making hassles. I observed an another disadvantage of cellphone or you can say "A Cellphone Caller" .

Think, I receive a call on my cellphone and caller start speaking his issue after SALAM without asking what I am doing or am I be able to listen him or answer him. I interrupt him with regrets and said. "I just picked up your phone in the mid of lunch because I thought there might be any urgency or emergency. Can we talk upon it after a while?" then I received a list of SORRY SORRY SORRY.

Secondly, Cellphone erased the distances and we can be in touch with our loved ones or associates in seconds... but again... I thought it when it happens... I person came to meet me in my office and a bell rungs when we are shaking hands... I see the caller ID was of my client and couldn't missed it.. so I receive the phone call with a GESTURE OF ONE MINUTE to my guest. When I finished and trying to say him sorry about this interruption and about to ask HOW ARE YOU?.. his phone rungs and then he deliver me a SMILE WITH A SORRY and been busy on phone... In the meantime I started talking with the person with him.. again this another person phone rungs and ... same.... when the first person finished... my operator have given me a call and said Mr. X from bank and wanted your confirmation to clear a cheque... I got a call and banker started asking me HAAL AHWAAL (Hi Hello).. I tried to shorten the conversation by seeing that those both are free from CELLPHONE and winded it up.. then First person got a Blackberry message ,,,, and .....

This is an incidental situation... but I think we are very much nearest to those who are on miles away... but being too far from those who are closest to us. Thanks to CELLPHONE and Mobile Communications.