Friday, April 9, 2010

Internal and External Pains -

This thought is a mixture of two different Emails. I received an email from a friend that was a video. In this video there were many clips of different road accidents, original and reconstructed and I had seen many emotional scenes that make me sad. Second email I had received from my senior. In that mail there were the demographics comparing Jews and Muslims. So I would like to share the thought process after seeing both emails.

When I was seeing the accidents’ video, It came into my mind that what is a thrill behind fast driving and driving stunts as everybody (even the person who is driving) knows very well about the damages. Even everybody have at least one happening or eyewitness of some kinda road accident. Do we really think that if we are doing something that put our life to risk have some cause. A soldier jump in the rain of bullets, A fireman pour in the burning building, An ambulance driver, A policeman, A doctor and nurse in war state, A spy, A robber even a terrorist. Everybody have some objective. I got really fed up when I thought what is the objective behind reckless riding or driving on the roads or highways?
We are not only putting our lives to risk but in case of any damage we put a whole universe of somebody into darkness if that is in shape of FATHER, MOTHER, KID or anybody. When a single person suddenly disappeared from our eyes forever, everybody can feel the pain of this. Especially if we see him/her giving life in front of our eyes, the last breaths... oh God.

The second one was studied before a year. The demographics of Muslims and Jews. By sharing these demographics, do we want to appreciate Jews or energize Muslims? Put the figures aside, don’t we all know that how backward and scattered we Muslims are? Sometimes I thought that nowadays we are born to sleep and close our eyes like pigeon. Enough speeches, articles and blah, where is the first ray of light? Who is gonna be the first drop in the desert?

We all should play our part. Definitely nobody can change the scene alone. He must need a dedicated, loyal and energetic team with consistency. I would like to add that Muslims don’t have any centralize body to appreciate Muslims worldwide. Nobody have time and we are all, including me, minding our own business. I’ll forget after and writing and you’ll forget after reading. O’ Allah give us courage to do what we can and make easy for us what we can’t. Help us Allah.