Friday, April 2, 2010

Upper Class and Lower Class !

I am having meetings with lot professionals in different field to launch a product in open market related to Education. The reason to writing these lines is that I felt Categorized thoughts. The thing I felt a lot is we have made partitions in our heart. Many of us are seeing people in two different category, upper class and lower class. In my opinion if we see people with the GOGGLES of class, how can we be emotional for Human? Then there is another flash in my mind. Being a consultant I have to study a lot for making right opinion and make my research good. Recently, I was working on the Branding project for businessmen who had taken a foreign product to market it here. I saw lot of advertisements during this research. One thing that I felt heartedly that there is not a single product that tagged itself that it is for everybody. Regret.

I seen an ad of a Tea, in that ad I seen a superb house, with well-dressed women serving tea to his husband. If someone wants to analyze the wealth of that family we can easily comment it as CRORE PATI. Secondly, I saw the ad of laundry soap… My Gosh... another CRORE PATI is using XYZ laundry soap. You can experience it for yourself, just pick a remote control and see only ads for one hour by switching different regional channels. Isn’t it creates the mindset for the people who are seeking un-privileged people for their politics, sustainability of KURSI and this kind of false objectives?

I seen many of new graduates who are holding a big VISITING CARD DESIGNATION in a small size company having lot of attitude and when I talked them, It was strange that they don’t have even a single lined vision for anything. They don’t have their own opinions and they behave like a GOLD MEDALIST. I never tried to let anybody down by showing myself something. But at that time when I was with them in discussion or forums, I really wish to say them politely, Dear, control yourself.. ABHI ISHQ KAY IMTEHAN AUR BHI HAIN..

Everybody have a right to dream and dream is not that you see while sleeping, dream is an objective you seen for yourself and others. Nowadays every company trains their employee, specially sales and marketing people, a line. “We are at your Service”. “How can I help you” “It’s for you.” “Thank you for your Interest” “We would love to serve you”… Is it right? Is everybody saying it by heart.. Or by tongue only? I would like to share an experience:

Once I visited my bank to deposit a check. I was in a queue and waiting for my turn, suddenly a girl beside cashier asked me. “AAP KA KIA HAY?” I said I want to deposit check.   She didn’t say anything just gives her hand out of counter and I put the check on her hand and wait in front of the counter on which he was sitting. After 2 3 minutes she forwarded the check to his colleague beside her and said “IN KA CHECK LO AUR FARIG KARO IN KO” My Gosh.. I shouted “Bibi, Main ap kay pas nahi aaya tha ap nay mujhay bulaya tha. Farig to main us queue main bhi ho jata.” I grabbed my check and been in a queue again.

I thought when I was here to open an account. There was a lot of warm welcome and respect and everybody concerned was asking me to have a TEA or SOFT DRINK, but once I opened an account everybody was changed.. No smiles, rude faces. So I thought to check a thing. I go to a staff that opened up my account and said him. “Excuse me. I want to close my account, what is the procedure.” Suddenly I felt the respect again. Lot of politeness and all. But yes, before this politeness he checks the size of my account. If he had seen low balance or little transaction he had definitely said. “Ok Sure”. But as he seen the account everything was like a spring in the bank for me. I just smiled at him and said that I don’t want to close; I was just checking a thing.

So our politeness, kindness is professional. I would love to meet those who are ready to give something to this world. We always see our benefits behind all our acts. As we’ll try to give something to somebody, this category will demolish... LOWER and UPPER. I felt many times the behavioral change I f I am in a Car it is different and I am on the Motorbike is different.

So to share these thoughts I would just like to request everybody that Please, be supportive and minimize your belief in GIVE and TAKE. I believe that if I give something to somebody it will be return to me from my creator with lot of profit. Either in the world or life after death or may be in both of the worlds. And the Bonus would be endless happiness and satisfaction inside you.