Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Positive answer to Blasphemy. Make your anger a strength, not weakness.

As a Pakistani we all discuss many things on blogs, social sites and Web 2.0 activities. It is noticed by me many times that we usually put our personal opinions on those places where it is not required. Like, the responsibility of a journalist is to publish the event or happening as it is, but most of them adds their personal opinions in that.
I would like to say to all active participants of any site that most of the times we (including me) react much hard by our words on the comments or activity done by others. And by doing this we doesn’t left comments only but an impression of the FLAG we are representing. I would like to add an example that nowadays it is seen regularly that somebody do blasphemy on our Beloved Holy Prophet SAAW and everybody starts reacting harshly and do many things that should not be done. i.e.
I got an email from one of my mate in which she explained that How an individual or a group do blasphemy on our religion and please join that group to react and answer them and BLAH BLAH.. points should be noticed that :
1. If I join that group what will happen to that Individual?
2. Will joining FACEBOOK or any other group file case on that individual?
3. Would that individual or group or any other like this stop doing these activities?
4. What image we are leaving by abusing on that group and using slang to that individual / group for other neutrals, atheists or non-muslims?
5. Is it a sin to abuse? using bad language for a person or group we even didn’t seen?
and many others..
I know at that point many of readers are thinking that I am some kinda propagator of secularism, or modern Islam. But I would like to clear that I am a person believe that there is no compulsion on religion. Nobody is beloved than NABI-E-PAK SAAW for me, even my family, kids and whole universe. I feel fire inside myself if I listen that somebody insulted Him in any mean.
My point is that we usually write lot of logical, intellectual and positive words in our blogs and comments. Can’t we write some kinda strong, logical and positive comments to address those visitors who come on that page to ENJOY the situation? We should make our anger an strength, not weakness. Many people around the world came on that particular like to enjoy the situation. We already get the huge audience to deliver the message of true islam over there. Isn’t it a chance to let the people understand What is Islam? What are the teachings of Islam?
I am damn sure that if we practice to spread and propagate Islam and Islamic Teachings on these sites/pages as comment. It will hurt those HUMAN FACED DOGS deeply. They will realize that if they do these activities for their cheap fame, we muslims use their this act as a open play ground to spread Islam. Otherwise they’ll play with us like this for their enjoyment and advertising benefits and we visit those pages/sites as a victim for advertising people who get money from advertisers for the number of hits.
Do it now. Visit the Page and place Islamic Verses, Teachings, Positive quotes as much as you can. Inshallah you’ll see the result soon. Coz its a promise of Allah that if we are doing good deed equals to beetle of date with sincerity, Allah will reward us equal to Mountain OHAD. Inshallah.
Please try to understand my point and correct me if I am wrong at any point.