Thursday, August 5, 2010

Start from a Little Deed

So, we have faced the new Bloodshed, Demolition and anarchy. There are lot of benefits achieved by many people, group and organisation.  But there is a matter to think... are we confused? There are many discussions.. or we can say GOSSIPS at Barber shop, Pan shop and Tea Shops.. everybody has its own point of view and many of us trying to impose personal opinion on others..

Some of us helping somebody and some of us trying to hurt and cheat somebody. Yeah, this is normal.. you can find this kind of variation in every part of world.. but we should confuse that what we are injecting in our new generation... do we have kids? If yes, then what we are training them? and If NO... does we ever think that what our upcoming generation would be?

I listened somewhere.. AURON KI HELP KARNAY SAY ACHI KOI JOB HO SAKTI HAY KIA? (Is there any job better then helping others?) If we'll make a culture to help others.. even a little one.. like carry the load.. like guide them to the way they are finding... like bring something from market... like help in their studies... like suggesting doctor, school or a shop.. like even even even just speak a single line "May I Help You?" or "Tell me if I can do something for you"... isn't it a good start?

We must have to tear the curtains of EGO, SELFISHNESS or ATTITUDE... If we are not same here.. then we'll be same at the DAY OF JUDGEMENT... and I rad that EVEN A SINGLE GOOD DEED CAN SAVE YOU FROM FIRE.. Inshallah...

So decide now.. from where you are going to start... and You can say SORRY to somebody or make up with somebody by smiling or saying him HOW ARE YOU??? Hope we'll start from this little drop.