Sunday, May 22, 2011

Me, Myself and Mine...

It seems that Muslims all over are under stress. Have a look on News, TV Channels and every media source, it shows that we are reversing towards the stone age. Is it? I remember a sentence "If there is justice and people having justice that we can't fail".

Today, when I was coming to office I had seen some roadblocks, tyres burning and little mobs on the road shouting against LOAD SHEDDING. Would it be helpful to get rid of load shedding? People, specially teenagers are too energetic to shout and abuse KESC and we all knows that after one or two hours of TAFREEH (Fun) they'll go back to their homes and enjoy story telling like : aaj to main nay ye kia aur aisa kia sab jama hogaey thay yaaaar ... this is what we are doing for our rights.

One special thing I would like to share is a special scene. Roundabout near my residence is jammed due to mob. and people having fun and expressing their anger on tyres, some junk stuff, held some sticks in their hands. A bike rider wanted to pass that blockage to reach somewhere across and a man from a mob abused him and stopped him. He was near to beat him so everybody gathered and shouted on him that why he tried to pass this blockage and ordered him to back and take another way to go there.

So is it a justice? they were shouting for their rights by ruling out somebody else another right. We all are doing this in some sense. We write, speak and debate about injustice a lot but we sometimes forget that people in our surroundings have some rights also. We are being rude and try to force our point of view instead to doing healthy discussions and reasons. We spoke a lot about problems but didn't conclude our debate on solutions as well as work on solutions.

I read an article in todays newspaper about a teenager girl who had dreamed to educate the kids of her locality and struggled for it in her 16. Now she is 20 and she is in negotiation with some NGO abroad for funding that school which she had established before 4 years with some old carpets and teenage matriculate teachers (Her Friends). So she is near to achieve and ultimate objective but how? She had shown her loyalty and did something in this regard.

So we should focus on single problem and show everybody practically that we are working on the solution. Once we get started and operate this successfully I am quite confident that....

"Main Akayla hi chala tha jaanib-e-manzil magar"
"Log aatay gaey, kaarwaan banta gaya"

So lets pick something in our personal capacity, work on it, make it a model and go ahead. It is a better justice for those who deserve and Inshallah will change the society very soon as we want it. Otherwise... nothing will happen by TV Debates, Shouting on Streets and Burning tyres.