Friday, August 24, 2012

SMS Eid... Decreasing Love

As previous, on this Eid I have received lots of Text Messages with beautiful words of EID GREETINGS. It takes me in the past where we mobilized heavily on Eid day to meet our loved ones and wish them EID MUBARAK with mithai and drinks speacially SHEER KHORMA.(A Traditional Eid Sweet Dish).

That time was superb, we usually choose the dresses by keeping those visits in mind and expect lot of appraisal from those we visit. The smiling welcomes, hugs, love and DUAs. This is a past story now. We usually fulfill our duty by forwarding the best eid message in our mobile inbox and thats all. We don't even know whether "SEND TO ALL" option does it well or not? Like, what if somebody changed his number, somebody don't even see our text.

I tried to did something new in this SMS EID MUBARAK. I sent all texts individually addressing the receiver's name. It make me satisfied that I had at least that person in my mind to wish him/her eid mubarak.

There is another MEMORIZING EVENT gifted by government by suspending mobile service from CHAAND RAAT to Eid Day's quarter. So the cream time of eid and eidmubarak by SMS have been missed.

Can't we avoid SMS Eid Mubarak and just make a call to our loved ones and make it a credibility for those who called first to wish eid mubarak without waiting for each other's call. I know it takes a little more CALL EXPENSE but I am sure it will give a real charm to receiver and caller to renew the relationship and to forget the bad time plus any displeasing moment happened in past. It will grow the fresh and lovely course renew the relationship with love and sincerity.

Coz, nowadays, a text message worth 2 or three PAISA and in my opinion it is not good to send this EXPENSIVE, LOVELY and SWEET wish by this SMS as we don't like to give eid greetings on a writing pad's sheet. We buy eid card with our choice and write our wishes with glowing pen with comments :)

Hope we all preserve our valuable occasion with love and sincerity. Correct me if I am wrong.