Monday, October 22, 2012

Money Making Eid ul Adha..Why Karachi is always effected?

The whole new tactic on this Eid ul Adha.. In previous Eids, we have listened the snatching of Animal Skin from different elements in many areas of Karachi... Now there is a development... In some areas it is observed that you have to pay GUNDA TAX of Rs. 5000/- to 10000/- if you bought an animal for qurbani.

So I studied the whole process like.. A person is going to buy an animal.. so very first he have to spend the fare upto MANDI (Market) or pay parking charges over there... then he spent a lot of time in finding the animal by bothering Dust, Expensive Food, Beverages and all. Secondly he effected with Ups and Downs of Market Rates... finally he bought an animal according to his budget. Then he have to pay 200/- to let his animal out of mandi..I don't know on which account??.. plus the cartage.. Now he is at home with animal.. so he have to pay something for taking care of his animal till eid...Plus feed of the animal... Now we can add the 5000/- Gunda Tax.. then the slaughter charges, Animal skin is again his expense if snatched..

Some happenings of shots to the animal in case of denial of GUNDA TAX so in many areas people are not taking their animal to their homes and again the excitement of Eidul Adha is ruined specially for those who are very fond of animals.

Where are we moving towards?? We can't live a free life coz if we Buy a new car we have to face PARCHI (the Tax to the Criminals to let you live). People and Businesses are moving and escaping from the city of lights.. No law and order... anybody can kill anybody without fear of justice... ordinary citizen is fear instead of criminals that are roaming all over the city with weapons and robb anybody... anywhere...

There is a factor of disappointment allover.. people have lost confidence on Rulers, Law enforcement agencies, Judiciary, and defenders of state... I have listened to my seniors that all you need is a little light to remove darkness... Where this light would come from?