Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What is Shia and Sunni? - License to Kill

I have been reading different articles and columns regarding Rawalpindi from last couple of days. Every columnist and writer is trying to define the different base of Sunni/Shia division. One writer is saying that it is the invention of ANGREZ (British Govt.), another is saying it is created by Indian Businessmen (HINDU SETH) at the time of partition and somebody is saying this fire has been burnt by America.

What I have studied is totally different in the books of history AND/OR somebody else have something else to describe. But one thing is common... There is a difference.. Now the questions is.. Is this difference gives license somebody to Kill his opponent? If YES, from where and how?

For a moment, we suppose that some Sunni abused Shia or those whom they followed so would those Sunni should be killed, burned or slaughtered? vice versa, if some Shia abused so should they been killed?

If YES then who allowed both sides to do so? Those people who they follows? Did they ordered like if somebody abuse me my followers should kill them brutally and put everything on fire? even without inquiring who was guilty, what he stated and how?

So is it that easy to kill somebody on road by just shouting "He abused XYZ". and nowadays people strictly follow the "WAJIB" of "WAJIB UL QATL" instead of following thousand of  "WAJIBs" in Shariat. Who cares about the Salaah, Sunnah, Protection of Eyes and Tongue, Protection of Evil Desires, Music, Male/Female combined gathering that leads to Sin and many more...

We didn't even studied the right Islam, we even didn't know more than Namaz and Roza (Salaah and Fasting) I can bet that not even 5 from the gathering of 500 shouters (Type of people who only shout and destroy public property) on the road even know 10 Verses of Qur'aan with meaning and explanation or 10 Hadith with same. We don't even know what our Beloved Prophet SAAW have said about Liars.

Well, conclusion, Muslims have more priorities to do and spread than killing somebody in the name ABUSE and BLASPHEMY as if we do not KILL a blasphemist, there is a chance of TAUBA (His submission to Allah and reversal from Sins towards Good) but if we return ABUSE against ABUSE or Hatred against Hatred, we can't achieve our goals that has been defined by Beloved Prophet SAAW and all his Respected and honorable Companions RAA. May Allah guide us all to the Path of Righteous and his beloved ones.