Sunday, June 1, 2014

Are we a Frustrated Nation?

It naturally happens to almost everybody when arrives from somewhere abroad, it seems very awkward when we compare ourselves with those we have just visited. Same thing always happened to me, but this time I feel it really intense and thought "Are we a frustrated nation"? Why it happened? Let me elaborate it in points :

1. When you exit from tube of aircraft, you see the different face of the same people who were with you at origin where we came from : like, they start talking loudly on cellphone, abusing, pretending themselves that they have been just returned from some kinda space or planet. Frustrated to be special, different and superior in any sense

2. When you see the authorities of of Airport, they seems like double-standard robots who react with everybody in a different way : smiling face in front of FOREIGN PASSPORT and STYLISH FOREIGNERS, creases on forehead in front of mediocre passengers, strict and professionals like in front of those who came here on holidays and many many more

3. Customs people shout at you as you are a criminal and smuggling drugs in Pakistan and they are PATRIOT SONS OF SOIL who are defending their soil from the criminals like us. Not a little piece of courtesy and riding all with same stick.

4. If you have some gifts for your family like, Video System, Laptops and Some Electronics that is normally allowed and logically not to sell/commercial purpose, then WARNING, HALT, these goods are suspicious and it contains a custom duty which we suppose to bypass intentionally and that is more than actual cost of good. When you seems afraid, then another business starts of bargaining.

5. When you SAFELY exit from the gate, then BEWARE of Taxi Drivers who are near to grab you with them and explain you why they are asking so much amount for that short distance travel.

After reaching home, when you start your routine life, you can observe the difference easily in first 2 3 days, coz after 2 or 3 days you'll indulge in this and then you won't see anything strange.

What you'll observe, remember you are a part of this now and you don't have STRANGER-LOOK, every seller will try to sell you at any cost by claiming his good superior than others. Uncontrolled traffic, everybody is abusing other without or on a nonsense reason. Police seems like robbers who stop you anywhere anytime without a reason and you'll feel that you are the only responsible for worst law and order situation and you are the only one because of whom this traffic is disturbed.

You'll see the mob who is demolishing the property of you and others like you, because of load shedding, blasphemy, some statement from a politician and target killing or whatever reason. They'll block the main roads in peak rush hours and rest of them will be finding the way to reach their destination and in this way finding exercise there will be many clashes and wrestling happens.
When (God Forbid) you'll face any robber on the road, you'll feel you're the only wealthy, satisfied and tension less person who is responsible for unemployment and let them commit a crime. They can shoot you even for Rs.500/- (I seen this in a news when I was abroad) and nobody can expect the justice for that blood-shed even you money and valuables. You'll be silent because you know nothing will happen and you have to face more botheration.

After a day long on your work, you'll behave like CHANGEZ and HALAAKU with your family, you'll be hating a little noise, over-reacting on innocent mistakes of kids after absorbing abuses, noise, fight, lies, threats, miscommitments and then your kids and spouse will throw it to near ones.......

So this chain will spread hatred all around in continuous motion day by day. Is it true?, Are we a frustrated nation? if YES, WHY??? Please comment